Eighth Grade Continuation Photos Denver

The continuation ceremony for Skinner Middle School was held at North High School where many of the students will attend as a freshman next year.  Miss S is moving on to high school with honors in music and attendance.  She is an incredibly accomplished musician who wrote a mashup of a couple pop songs which a quintet played for families as they took their seats for the event.  During the ceremony, Miss S was awarded music student of the year (no surprise) and received an award, along with 10 other students, for having 100% attendance.  Later she told me she went to school with a 103 degree fever for two days because she was so determined to win that award.  Crazy kids. It was heartwarming and sweet to see how so many of the kids broke up after the ceremony, openly crying in the hallway as they said goodbye to middle school, to each other, and in my own mind, to childhood.  It was bittersweet to see all these young kids looking so grown up, so adult-like both in their outer appearance and also in their personal conduct.  There was poignancy in seeing moments when they started acting like kids again, and then caught me watching them and reverted to their dispassionate teen personae.

eighth grade continuation photos in denver
girls backstage
warming up for a performance backstage
students preparing for a performance
kids goofing off in middle school
girl with a violin
girl giving the side eye to classmates
eighth grade girls at continuation all dressed up
eighth grade continuation photos denver waiting in the hallway to enter
Skinner middle school continuation
eighth grade continuation photos denver girl in emotional moment
Girl after continuation in denver

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Senior Boy Photography in Denver

I like to believe that one of the things that differentiates me from many of the other senior photographers in Denver, is that I am not focused mainly on photographing girls.  I think there is a perception that girls are the only ones who care about senior photos.   I say that's nonsense.  The senior photo experience is something that boys and girls both want, it's a time-honored tradition and a ritual of growing up.  And honestly, I've met just as many reluctant girls as boys.  Being a teenager is a self-conscious experience, and almost everyone goes through a period of feeling uncomfortable in the spotlight. As the mother of two boys myself, I'm naturally not a big fan of the idea that boys don't need or want senior photography.  I want photos of my sons just as much as any other parent wants photos of their daughters.  I want to honor this time of transition and moving into adulthood as much as other parents.  I want to hold onto my sons' youth and hang it on my walls just as much as any other parent.  With a sample size of one family (mine), I believe that other parents of boys feel much as we do.

Senior photography is a way of celebrating and marking the end of childhood.  We commemorate that transition with beautiful portraits before kids leave home for college or jobs or other adventures.  I always talk to kids about this and why it's so important to us parents.  I think it's special and important to kids, too.  Even kids who grew up in a household of annual family portraits, having all the attention on your for this special hour is a unique experience.  It's a time that we are honoring that kid in a very individualized event.

Regis High School Senior Photo in black and white
Boy senior photo
Black and white photo of senor boy
Senior Boy in blue shirt at City Park
Senior Boy Photography Denver
Handsome high school senior boy at City Park in Denver

Sharing here one of a pair of twin senior boys I photographed in Denver.  I'm separating their photos so each gets his own visual story.

Silly boy high school senior photo at City Park in Denver

Unsmiling Senior Photos

Handsome young man with trees behind him.
Handsome young man with trees behind him.

I think a lot of people are uncomfortable with the idea of an unsmiling photo.  There is a mystery about an unsmiling person and that creates tension between the photo and the viewer.  I like that tension, I like that mystery.

We've come to expect the smile for personal portraits.  Yet an unsmiling portrait can be far more expressive than a grin.  There is so much more wonder in the unsmiling photo.

Arty black and white senior photo of boy through wet window.
Arty black and white senior photo of boy through wet window.

What's happening here?  What is he thinking?  Is he happy or sad, bored, angry, or just thinking about the next Jurassic Park movie?  A hint of a smile, and a whole new level of expression.

Striking photo of high school senior boy.
Striking photo of high school senior boy.
Brown haired teen boy looking into the camera.
Brown haired teen boy looking into the camera.

Without a smile, we have more questions about the image, we have more expectation.  We notice his reflection on the fence next to him.  We think he might have a secret.

Handsome high school senior leaning on a fence.
Handsome high school senior leaning on a fence.
Black and white photo of boy sitting quietly at a table.
Black and white photo of boy sitting quietly at a table.

It is no surprise this handsome boy blosssoms when he shares his smile, but it's an even more pleasant reveal when we experience that smile as a gift, not a thing of the ordinary.

Smiling photo of a senior boy.
Smiling photo of a senior boy.

More opinions on the subject of smiles in my article about Camera Face.

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Eight Unique Places for Senior Photos in Denver

Last year nearly half the seniors I photographed requested the same location for their portrait session.  I think a great photo can be taken anywhere, don't get me wrong, and so I didn't complain when the umpteenth person requested photos at Cheeseman Park.  It's my job as a photographer to deliver spectacular and unique images, wherever you choose to shoot.  I did a session at the Clear Creek History Park in Golden which has to be the most overused photography location in the state and there were no fewer than 15 other photographers there with seniors and families.  So I throw this down to seniors and photographers -wouldn't it be cool to go somewhere different? I offer these eight unique places for senior photos in Denver:

1)  Out in the open - no trees or flowers to be seen anywhere.  A good example of this is Central Park in Stapleton.  You can create a feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere, or on top of the world.

Two high school senior boys mimicing Dr. Who on top of a hill.

2)  A parking garage.  The darkness behind, the concrete, shadows, and weird industrial fences make for lovely lighting and shadows.  This one is near DPAC but I've shot in a half dozen different garages and love them all.

3)  At a trampoline park like Jumpstreet or Big Time.  Some yearbooks require a more standard photo but that doesn't mean you can't have photos for YOU about YOU wherever YOU want.  We can get ordinary photos anywhere.

4)  On a farm.  Farms have open space, vegetables and many beautiful bright colors. Think nature, animals, tractors, hay, vegetables, fruit trees.  There are small community gardens all over the Denver metro area and a number of nearby commercial farms in Denver County.

5)  Near a body of water.  We have several  reservoirs in the Denver metro area, plenty of docks and wide lakes that create a fantastic beach-like look.

6)  In a cemetery.  Even if you don't want headstones in your photos,  most cemeteries have beautiful and very peaceful, solitary, areas for sitting or walking.

7)  In front of murals or graffiti - South Santa Fe Blvd. has a lot of lovely murals that can be a fun backdrop for senior photos.

8)  An amusement park or carnival - imagine your photos on the tilt-a-whirl or just with all the sparkly lights in the background during an evening shoot?

Denver Teen Spring Photos

Loved my spring photo session with Cara in Denver.  We found a random blooming tree and had a blast shooting there.  You don't need a big park or much of a location, this spot was actually pretty ugly, next to a street and retail building, there were broken pieces of concrete on the ground.  But this tree hadn't been pruned and the branches hung low and were covered in gorgeous pink cherry blossoms (don't send me hate mail if I've misidentified the variety of tree, I'm a photographer not a botanist - smiley face.)  One thing about most teen girls is that they don't ask too many questions.  Cara wasn't worried that the spot was potentially ugly, she just trusted my eye and went along for the ride. Teen girl with long red hair blowing in the wind holding a parasol with cherry blossoms in the spring.Close up of teen girl holding blue parasol under pink flowering tree.Black and white photo of girl under cherry blossomsTeen girl under cherry blossoms holding parasol.Teen girl looking into the distance holding parasol.



East High School Senior Pictures - Jasmine Lucero

East High School Senior Pictures featuring Jasmine Lucero.  I've known Jasmine since she was in about fourth grade when her mother was my son's kindergarten teacher.  Jasmine was kind enough to wear this vintage prom dress I found probably 10 years ago.  It is tiny, almost didn't fit Jasmine who wears size 0.  She was a trooper and wore it anyhow and pranced around for me in full supermodel mode.  Jasmine is such a smart girl and very fun to work with.   I was impressed with her kindness to her mom and sister and her willingness to try whatever I wanted.  She was a great sport.  Have a wonderful senior year Jasmine. East High School Senior Pictures Jasmine Collage 1 East High School Senior Pictures Jasmine Collage 2 East High School Senior Pictures Jasmine Collage 3 East High School Senior Pictures Jasmine Collage 4