Hello GW Speech & Debate Team!

My name is Willy, I am a GW parent and photographer.  My son is Duke Wheeless.

I hope you enjoy these photos better late than never!  I promise next year I will try to photograph a few more events.

instructions for viewing the gallery follow:

  • To view the gallery click HERE
  • You may download the entire gallery or just the photos of yourself/your student.
  • The gallery password is:  Schools2018GW  The download PIN is 2018
  • To download the gallery, click the Download button at the top of the gallery.  Enter PIN when prompted.
  • To download an individual photo, click the cloud button on the photo you wish to download.  Follow instructions onscreen.
  • You should receive an email with your images within a few minutes.

Have a wonderful rest of your year!!!



My name is Willy Wilson, I am a fine art photographer.  I am a mom with high school kids but deep down, I might still be a teenager myself.  I definitely like to create and invent and try new things with each photo session.  We want motion, action, and I don't care if you smile.