Copy of 100 Days of Disconstruction.png

Disconstruction - the condition of a building or space being demolished, either by deliberate action by decay.

Around 2005 I began making photographs, on film, of buildings in various stages of decay or demolition. I had no clear goal in mind but that I saw a beautiful agony and venerable grace in the buildings. After years of creating the photos, I had never done anything with them save developing the film. In 2015, as my first 100 Day project, I decided that I should do something with the years of photos I had created. The project began with playing with the physical prints of the photos - submerging them, layering them, placing objects over them, cutting them and remaking them into another image altogether. I played with scanning the images with living plants to create an intersection of life and death, two dimensions and three dimensions brought together, living color and black and white coexisting on a plane. I began experimenting with editing the images to create new layers, textures and colors. I collaborated with other artists to make images that were both their work and my own. The project culminated with my witnessing a live implosion of a building in my city that I had been photographing for months through it’s end-of-life cycle.

Tis project was, in a sense, the point when I began to take hold of my creative work again, after having given myself over to “rules” for so many years. I began asking new questions of the work and my outcomes. I think, since then, this project has informed everything else that came after.


Denver editorial photographer - creating visual content for newspaper stories, magazines, and online media.