Business Resolutions You Forgot To Make for 2019

Most resolutions fail. In fact, January 12th is the most common date that people drop their resolutions into the new year. That’s right - less than 2 weeks according to science.

Since I’m a fan of reverse-engineering pretty much everything possible – this seems like the perfect time to create new resolutions. And if you’re anything like me, this is also the time of year that you’ve heard some pretty awesome goals that your friends and colleagues are tackling, so why not steal borrow them with permission?

In keeping with one of my favorite books, Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon, you have my permission to steal and take full credit for all of these business resolutions you should have made when you were hungover and covered in glitter on New Year’s Day.


1 | Assess Your Budget

I know, this can be painful. So, pop a bottle of wine and sit down with your spreadsheets. Review everything you spent last year, then go category by category to determine what paid off and what was a loss.

Celebrate your wins!

Look at all the purchases you made that helped you earn more money, bring in more clients, or feel totally awesome about your business.

Acknowledge your losses.

Take a good, hard look at your losses. Was there a membership that you paid for but didn’t get any leads from? Or an event you attended that was a huge drain on your finances?

Discover lessons learned.

Take stock and write down some lessons learned. If investing in productivity tools paid off massively, keep it up. If there’s a specific marketing practice that didn’t give you results, kick it to the curb.


2 | Upcycle Your Website

Websites are a lot like hugging Jell-O: tough to get your arms around. In these days of ever-changing marketing tactics and evolving technologies, just when you think you’ve got a handle on the whole website situation, it’s time for a change.

The reality is that in order to keep up with the rapidly changing online marketplace, the needs of your target audience, and a world with a very short attention span, an annual website update is a mission-critical operation.

Scope the competition

While you don’t want to blatantly copy anything your competitors are doing, you do want to know what they’re up to. Set aside half an hour and check out 3-5 businesses in your niche to see who’s doing what well.

Revisit your website goals

It’s been a whole year (or more) since you worked on your website. Before you make any major changes, step back and take a bird’s eye view. How have your goals changed? What kind of strategy makes sense for this new year?

Bring in a pro

Let’s be real, if you want to take things up a notch in your business, you need to work with someone who’s at that level. Want to make more money? Grow your business? Level up your clients? Hire a professional who can help you translate it all into your website.


3 | Level up your brand

Your brand is a reflection of who you are. It’s the amalgamation of your values, intention, mission, and personality. So, there’s a 0% chance that you’re exactly the same as you were 365 days ago.

You’ve read books, listened to podcasts, met interesting people, and done awesome work for tremendous clients – every moment has the chance to change you even just a teensy, tiny bit (that all adds up to big change).

Freshen those graphics up

Colors become passé. Fonts fall out of favor. The last thing you need in these forward-thinking times is a brand that looks and feels dated or out of touch. Contact your designer or use my go-to designer: the incredibly talented Lexi of Hearthfire Creative to get a free brand evaluation.

Upgrade your brand visuals

Your about page and social media profiles get a lot of traffic before a potential client engages with you directly. Keep that headshot fresh and professional – and totally branded. Headshots and brand photos should be updated annually, and it’s great to have a few so you can update during the year. Here’s how.

Give your copy a boost

No one buys from someone who can kind of, sort of explain what they do well. People buy from businesses who consistently express what makes them awesomely unique to solve their clients’ problems. Set aside some time to dig into your content or use my go-to copywriter: the wordsmithing strategy nerd from Copy Bree to get resources on writing conversion copy.

What resolutions are you adding?


Eighth Grade Continuation Photos Denver

The continuation ceremony for Skinner Middle School was held at North High School where many of the students will attend as a freshman next year.  Miss S is moving on to high school with honors in music and attendance.  She is an incredibly accomplished musician who wrote a mashup of a couple pop songs which a quintet played for families as they took their seats for the event.  During the ceremony, Miss S was awarded music student of the year (no surprise) and received an award, along with 10 other students, for having 100% attendance.  Later she told me she went to school with a 103 degree fever for two days because she was so determined to win that award.  Crazy kids. It was heartwarming and sweet to see how so many of the kids broke up after the ceremony, openly crying in the hallway as they said goodbye to middle school, to each other, and in my own mind, to childhood.  It was bittersweet to see all these young kids looking so grown up, so adult-like both in their outer appearance and also in their personal conduct.  There was poignancy in seeing moments when they started acting like kids again, and then caught me watching them and reverted to their dispassionate teen personae.

eighth grade continuation photos in denver
girls backstage
warming up for a performance backstage
students preparing for a performance
kids goofing off in middle school
girl with a violin
girl giving the side eye to classmates
eighth grade girls at continuation all dressed up
eighth grade continuation photos denver waiting in the hallway to enter
Skinner middle school continuation
eighth grade continuation photos denver girl in emotional moment
Girl after continuation in denver

Want to learn more about documentary event photography?  Contact me.

Giving Back - Girls on the Run in Denver

This Mother's Day weekend, I volunteered at the Girls On the Run 5K event that had more than 1,000 girls participating.  Girls on the Run is a community organization that helps girls from 3rd-8th grade with empowerment, self-esteem, and camaraderie by getting them involved in an after school running program.  The Community Outreach Committee on which I serve for the Alliance of Professional Women in Denver has been supporting this organization since 2016.  This year we sponsored a water stop along the race path and the Happy Hair booth. Happy hair volunteers sprayed temporary color into the hair of 400-500 kids on Saturday morning. The volunteers were dragging a bit because the event required us to be there and setup in our tent by 7:30AM.  We had boxes of hair color, and bags and bags of clip in hair pieces ranging from metallic to neon.  When the first few kids arrived, we had nine volunteers ready to pounce and help them get their hair decorated.  Initially, volunteers outnumbered the kids coming to the booth by about three to one.  And then suddenly the kids really started arriving.  At one point I counted fifty kids in line waiting for their turn in the booth.  It was a nonstop line for about a solid hour!  We ran out of supplies at just about the time they started calling kids to lineup for the race.

One of the most heartwarming parts of working at the Happy Hair booth was kids coming up to the booth to ask how much ti cost to get their hair done.  "It's free!" we would say and the girls would jump up and down with excitement.  How nice to do something so simple for all these kids and just let them enjoy the day.

preparing the happy hair boothvolunteers at work giving back girls on the run denver example of some happy hair volunteers working in the happy hair booth one of the volunteers spraying color into a girl's hair giving back - spraying hair at the wacky hair booth a volunteer laughing and having a good time overview of the line for the happy hair both at girls on the run 5k girls warming up for the race racers getting ready to run girl running in the girls on the run 5k race



Special Mother's Day Gift That Will Make Mom Cry

Want to give your mom (or your wife or yourSELF) the best Mother's Day gift ever?  Give her a something unique and unforgettable.  As mothers, we make time for annual or semi-annual family portraits, we make time to plan milestone photos of our children, but women rarely make time to get portraits of ourselves with our kids, or with our own moms.  When was the last time you had a portrait with YOUR mother or mother-in-law?  Can you imagine someday  how you will view portraits of generations of women and kids together?

Gift for Mom - photo of woman with her mother in law
Mother's Day Photo Sessions Denver grandmother hugging her granddaughter

These Mother's Day photo sessions are intended to be a gift.  The beautiful gift certificate comes in a gorgeous box with some fun little surprises she can open on Mother's Day.The actual session is on Saturday, May 27th,  two weeks after Mother's Day at our studio in Denver.  That gives every mom time to pick out clothing and get her roots done.

mother's day gift - gift certificate and gift box

The day of the session I will be serving mimosas for moms and orange bubble drink for the kids and have a fun playlist going in the studio.  We will take photos and goof around for 20 minutes. This special event is going to be a fun experience for mom!

Unique gift for mom - grandmother with her grandkids
special mothers day treat - mimosas

This is an exclusive, once-a-year event, for moms and their kids of all ages.  Reservations are $275 and include the special gift box, a 20 minute studio portrait session for mom and her kids (of all ages), online access to a private gallery, three digital files, and a framed gift print.

Best mother's day gift - woman with her teen daughter

Show mom how much she means to you. 

Community Outreach Through Photography in Denver

A big part of my life over the last twelve years has been involvement with kids in our community.  It started with being on the PTA at my kids’ schools.  My involvement grew into running fundraisers and eventually as PTA president. That evolved into my involvement with Colorado Youth At Risk.  Over the last couple years I have enjoyed working with the Alliance of Professional Women on the Community Outreach Committee. Our committee is focused on serving women and children within the community doing things like providing and serving meals for a local women’s shelter, supplying holiday gifts for women and children in need, and helping kids in the foster care system. Recently, my committee did a Senior Photo Extravaganza for students at New Legacy Charter School. The school provides high school education AND childcare for pregnant or parenting teens, most of whom live below the poverty level. This year the school has nearly 30 students graduating and I, with a group of six other photographers and a half dozen volunteers, created senior photos for about 16 of those soon-to-be-grads. It was a fun afternoon with a bunch of really wonderful people.

Now I realize lack of senior photos is a pretty first world problem to have. Please don’t misunderstand – APW does many other projects for kids and the community at large. We have helped with baby clothes and college buses for the school in the past. But the school’s director knew me as a photographer, and mentioned that the kids would really love to do senior photos. As a business owner, I first looked at this and wondered if I could do a special rate for the kids at the school. However I decided it was unfair to the people who pay full price for my work to offer something so drastically different to these students. But it continued to bother me that there was something these kids wanted, that I could provide, and it was so far out of their reach. And then I had the idea to offer it for free.

I approached the APW Outreach Committee and suggested we put on a senior photo shoot for these kids. Get photographers to volunteer to photograph, edit, and deliver digital files. Get volunteers to assist the photographers and coordinate all the people. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science donated tickets for all the students, photographers, volunteers, and some of the students' families, so we could use the museum as a photo backdrop in case the weather was bad. We had the beautiful grounds of City Park. And APW Outreach Committee would provide a printed photo of each student as a keepsake.

Having your senior portrait made is a pretty normal thing for most American kids to do, and kids who have children in their teens are not living a typical senior experience. They are dealing with the world as adults, ready or not. As photographers, there aren’t tons of ways that we can give back to the community through our actual services. However this little project, providing this fun, old-fashioned, youth-focused, all-about-you experience was something we could give these kids and provide our services in a way that we hope will give them joy and happy memories they can keep for a lifetime.

Senior Photo at DMNS in Denver
Senior Photos of young woman
Senior Photo at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Senior Photos at City Park
A volunteer and a senior behind the scenes

And a really terrific side benefit of this event was the reinforcement of my love of the photography community here in Denver.  Six women, besides myself, volunteered to donate their time and talent to this event.  What a joy to be part of a community that wants to give back and who are more focused on how we can help others than worrying about competition or compensation.  Thank you so much to Lisa Turner Photography, Amy Wiles Photography,Jamie Kraus Photography, Highway 4 Photography, Keiko Matsuno Photography, and Cooper's Creek Photography for all your time and effort and flexibility around this project.

Group photo of volunteers
Volunteer photographers and students

We had a great time with the students at NLCS, I may expand this project to other schools next year. Let me know if you are interested in participating or know of a school or organization that could use our support.

Want to see more photos?  Check out some other senior photos here.

Have questions about senior photos? Contact me!

Best Planners for Photographers

I’m a member of a number of photography groups and a frequent topic of conversation is about the best planners for photographers. There so many planners out there and some gorgeous examples you can even find at Target or Office Depot. Beyond that there are also the more expensive and more tailored options available online. There are planners specifically designed around goal setting, around business, around health and wellness, and some designed for photographers. Of course choosing a planner depends on your personality and your own objectives for using a planner. I’ve heard people say “I just use Google calendar and an Excel spreadsheet, why do I need a paper planner?” To which I say: you should probably stop reading here. This blog is for those of us who have the need to write things down. I, personally, use Google calendar to keep track of appointments, which I find much more reliable than writing appointments in a planner. However, I like putting my goals, and big plans and little tasks on paper. The physical act of writing helps me remember things, helps me become a bit more creative and thoughtful, and more connected to the ideas I commit to paper.

Why do you need a planner?  Planners are great for list-makers.  There are also those people for whom a planner is a diary of their life, a creative art project, or simply the most portable way for them to keep track of everything. Having a system, whatever it is, is the first step to feeling you have more control over your planning and goal setting. Some planners help you create the system, some just help you document what you’re already doing.

Here are some great planners to check out:

Store-bought Planners

There are a lot of pretty cool planners available at stores like Target and Office Depot. Most of these have the basic functionality of monthly overview, and weekly or daily layouts. They’re great for keeping track of appointments, events, and making lists. There were at least two dozen different options at the Office Depot near my house.

Examples of cute store bought planners

Pros: Easy to find, purchase any time of year, typically less expensive.

Cons: Not customizable, less specific to ideas or industry, contents more of a basic calendar.

Erin Condren LifePlanner


The LifePlanner is a daily planner but also has a cousin, the Monthly Planner. What’s great about the EC planners is that there are so many ways to personalize the covers and content, even the color of the coil binding. Dozens of cover options are available with or without pre-printed names or initials, all of which are interchangeable if you can’t commit to one design for a whole year. Choose the colorway of the pages inside, optional additional pages, optional inserts for meals, fitness, parties, and travel, the EC offer a great deal of charm. The downside to this planner is that you can spend a lot of money for all the bells and whistles, but will you really use all the washi tape, special pens, and fancy stickers? It also has an optional zip-up planner pouch where you can store and carry your planner and all the doodads.

Erin Condren Life Planner

Pros: Personalized, stylish, interchangeable.  Lots of fun ways to customize and make it an art project.

Cons: Price – once you get all the bells and whistles, the price can come in at around $100. Lack of full-page days option and limited writing space keeps this from being a great overall option for someone who uses the planner for lists or a diary.

Emily Ley Simplified Planner

The Simplified Planner is exactly as described. The pages are simple with limited content and the planners have fewer options and offerings. This is a “Keep It Simple Stupid” type of planner. With just a few cover designs, you can order a daily or weekly version of the planner, and the pages are very simple in content. Half of the space on each day is allocated to a daily schedule and there’s a daily meal plan section at the bottom. You can purchase two sizes, either the 7x9 or 6x8. Each planner comes with a sturdy keepsake box.

Emily Ley Simplified Planner

Pros: Elegant and simple design with just enough little touches to make it better than store-bought.  The thin pages make the planner fairly compact and portable.

Cons: The lines are narrow and space feels cramped for those with large handwriting.

Day Designer

Day Designer is a day planner with dinner, gratitude and top three To Do prompts on each page. This planner has three different versions: regular and “mini” hard cover version with coil binding, and a leather binder version more like the old school planners of yore. There are 11 very pretty hard covers and five leather folio options from which to choose. The benefit of the binder version is that optional add-on pages can be kept in the binder. Day Designer offers a number of free printable pages and a pdf version of their planner to try for free.

Day Designer Planner

Pros: A lot of pretty and fun covers from which to choose.  Pages are setup around schedule list and task list so lines are more widely spaced.

Cons: The optional add-on pages only go with the more expensive folio version.

Plum Paper Planner

Plum Paper could possibly be described as Erin Condren Light.   The Plum Planner offers personalized interchangeable covers and a wide variety of designs. There are ten different versions of the planner ranging from student planners, fitness planners, hourly planners, horizontal hourly, week at a glance, plus notes. You can choose which month to start and buy up to 18 months at once. Further, you can add additional sections with budget, blog, even fitness planners and up to 70 additional pages for notes. The planner can be purchased in full-page 8.5x11 size or the smaller planner size of 7x9. Actually maybe Erin Condren should be described as Plum Paper Light.

Plum Paper Planner

Pros: Very reasonable price for the amount of customization, tons of options.

Cons: No metallic in any of the cover designs, thinner paper for more risk of bleed through.

Inkwell Press Livewell Planner

The Inkwell Press planners are available online or in retail office supply stores like Office Depot.   You can purchase a bound version or A5 pages that will fit into many folio-style ring planners. They come in vertical or horizontal weekly layouts. The Inkwell Press planners are some of the prettiest designs I’ve seen. They have a hard cover and thick pages inside. The fun, playful goal-setting pages, monthly planning, and habit trackers are beautiful and functional. They also have a set of quarterly planners with a soft cover and sewn binding. These planners break the year down quarterly so each quarter is lightweight and easily portable.

Inkwell Press Livewell Planner

Pros: Beautiful design and lots of great goal trackers. Available in local stores.

Cons:  No daily option.  The coil binding is flimsy.  Three out of four I saw in the store had bent coils.

Passion Planner

The Passion Planner has the soft binding of an old-fashioned journal, with simple or engraved faux-leather covers. They come in dated or undated versions, in 8.5x11 size or 5.5”x8.5” in academic or classic calendars. Each contains a “passion plan” section for envisioning your future, month at a glance, and weekly vertical spreads with space at the bottom for lists. They’re bound journal style and have an attached page marker and elastic band closure.

Passion Planner

Pros: Very reasonably priced, they’re pretty and lightweight with almost subversively simple designs.

Cons: Limited edition runs sell out quickly, only a few cover options, and no daily or horizontal layouts.

The Volt Planner

The Volt Planner is focused on the big picture and provides tools for tracking progress. It includes a section for creating a yearly theme, goals and achievements section, monthly overview, monthly goals, 30-day challenge (one for each month), weekly goals, and a weekly overview with large boxes for morning, noon, and night. The design is simple – pick your favorite shade of black – layflat with two attached page markers.

The Volt Planner

Pros: Great for tracking goals and habits, reminders to check in on goals, and weekly and monthly exercises to help maintain focus.

Cons: The weekly layout of vertical boxes seems constraining.

Start Planner - Hustle or Fancy Pants Business Planner

The Start Planner business planners come in hard cover (Hustle) or as folio binders (Fancy Pants). They are both 7.5” x 9”. They come in daily or weekly versions. Each planner contains business planning sections for finances, mileage, marketing, and social media. They also sell separate inserts for different professions, including teacher, realtor, direct sales, and photographer. The photography insert includes workflow checklists, goal setting, an order tracker, client gift list, and marketing/promotional sections with plans, costs, and due dates.

Start Planner Hustle

Pros: For those who run their business on paper, this would be a great help. The industry specific lists could be very helpful.

Cons: It seems overwhelming how much is crammed into this little planner. The add-on industry specific inserts only work in the folio binders.

Hobonichi Techo

The Hobonichi planner is a Japanese planner/journal. They come in two sizes – the Cousin A5 size, and the Original A6 size (approximately 4x6). The planner itself comes in plain paper binding and is intended to be inserted into a purchased cover. Each book comes with a month at a glance, week at a glance, and daily pages. All numerals, weekdays, and months are in English, the hourly sections are on a 24 hour clock. Pages are designed for maximum flexibility. All pages are covered in a very lightly printed grid, along one side is a column of very lightly printed hours of the day. There is an almost unnoticeable, but slightly darker line which could divide the page into two sections: one for a daily schedule, the other side for lists or notes. However all of these can easily be ignored and pages can be used for writing journals, lists, or making drawings. The pages are extremely thin so that a full year with a page per day, weekly layout, and monthly layout measures only about 1” thick and lays flat on every page. Hobonichi also sells adorable add-on stickers, tape, post-it notes, pens, and covers.

Hobonichi Techo Cousin


Pros: Extremely flexible planner that has weekly and daily pages all in one. Each planner comes with a fine point gel pen that writes black, blue, and red and is perfect for the thin paper and fine lines of the planner.

Cons: Shipping from Japan is expensive (it works best to consolidate your planner order with other people to spread shipping over multiple items). And if you like to use sharpie or watercolor on your pages, the thin paper may not be your friend.

Design Aglow Big Picture Photography Studio Planner

Design Aglow has become the measure by which many photography templates are measured. In this case, their contribution is an elegant and classic studio planner which you can purchase as an online download to customize and print at home, or a 7.5 x 9” bound edition with fillable dates. Each planner comes with worksheets for big picture planning, goal setting, blog marketing tracker, social media tracker, workflow tracker, monthly task suggestions, month at a glance, week at a glance, and daily overview.

Best Planners for Photographers Design Aglow Photographers Planner

Pros: They’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to. If you buy the downloadable version, you can use it year after year.

Cons: The amount of information can be overwhelming and they’re not here to fill it in for you.

NAPCP Marketing Guide

The National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) has published it’s own downloadable marketing planner. Available online, this planner is here to do one job: help you create an annual marketing plan. The planner offers a few pages of personal, financial, and professional goal setting and then jumps right into the marketing plans. It includes informational pages about types of marketing techniques, the lifecycle of a marketing promotion, and an example promotion. Each month has a month overview with major US holidays already marked, a monthly marketing checklist, monthly social media tracker, blank marketing campaigns, client workflow, and monthly do-do list.   The planner comes with an implementation and use guide to help you get going. As a fun add-on, the beginning of each month has a coloring page with a quote.

Best Planners for Photographers NAPCP Marketing Guide

Pros: This is as simple and marketing-focused as it gets.

Cons: No bound edition.

Colorvale Photographer's Planner

Colorvale’s downloadable photographer planner includes a boatload of content. Year at a glance, session packing list, monthly goals and objectives tracking, workflow tracker, social media schedule, social media tracker, task list, customized To Do’s, monthly planner, weekly planner, and a number of other items. Colorvale also has a large number of add-on’s such as a location scouting form, daily responsibilities checklist, Pinterest checklist, print and product ordering forms, advertising tracker, social media schedule, session checklists, and more.

Best Planners for Photographers Colorvale Photographers Planner


Pros: Tons of content which you can choose to print or not.

Cons: Tons of content can be overwhelming. They also seem to have discontinued the bound version, this is download only.

The Blank Notebook

When all your plans and schedules are online, maybe what you need is a place to simply make a list or take notes.

Pros: Inexpensive and easily accessible.

Cons: It’s not actually a planner.


What's your favorite planner?

Do you have a favorite that I missed?  Please share in the comments.


What did I buy for 2017? I’m saving that for my next post.










Denver Family Photography Year in Review 2016

I saw so many wonderful faces in 2016.  I love to look back through my work for the previous year and pick my favorites.  If I showed you all my favorites this video would be  20 minutes long!   What joy I feel when I sort through all your faces.  Each person I photograph owns a little piece of me, you are all so beautiful.  It's hard to explain but even though I am capturing your photo, you are capturing me.  Captivating me.  Everything about you, your face, your trust in allowing me to photograph you, your willingness to try and see what we can make together - I'm so honored. This is a toast to you all, my people, my heart, my work, my life.  Thank you for a beautiful year.

Are you ready to book your next session?  Contact me!

Large Group Family Photos Denver

My mom comes from a large family. She is one of seven kids and her father was one of eight. I remember her telling me that holidays were an absolute riot of fun with so many aunts and uncles and cousins together.   I loved to hear her stories of things they did together, all the different kids and cousins, all the fun of growing up with so many people to love. The funny thing is, though, I have never seen any photos of those gatherings. I can’t count all the cousins or see the chaos that must have reigned. It gets me thinking about the importance of getting good photos when family and friends gather for the holidays. The stories are so important, but so is being able to show, not just tell, your loved ones about days gone by. We all change, homes, relationships, the color on the dining room wall, your favorite china, the pets in our lives. Photographing those times is a terrific way to preserve your memories, remember who was there and who felt like being a grouch that day.

Large group family photos denver
Family walks up a hill away fro the camera.
Extended family group posing in front of a mountain.
Smaller group photo of just the adults and one dog.
Father and son talking
Family unit photo
Dad takes a cell phone photo in the distance.
All the kids, one grouch.

The way I like to photograph large groups (also knows as extended family photography) is to see if we can get a little energy into the images. Obviously we do try to get as much of an “ordinary” group photo as possible, but I do think that eventually the photos we will really treasure are the ones that show a bit more personality.

Typical large group family portrait in Denver
The goofy large group family portrait
Standard posed family portrat.
Posed family photo in the snow

Depending on the size of the group, I like to spend between 1-2 hours with the group. This allows me time to create the overall typical group portrait, get some more fun portraits of the group, and then break into smaller groups with grandparents alone, grandkids alone, grandparents and grandkids together, family units together, each generation together. In between, I try to capture moments that are unposed, so my clients have a bit of the overarching story to share as well.

Posed group family photo with dogs.
Group photo in the snow with dog photobomb.
Family gest ready or their photo, two dogs in ront.
family playing in tehs now with a dog
After the snowball fight.
Family unit portrait
Cousins getting goofy
Fun black and white moment photos
All the men in black and white
All the women in maatching red sweaters
Silly photo of man listening to his pregnant wife's belly
Family playing air shuffleboard
Two girls taking a selfie.

If the family has the time, we can do a longer session that includes more lifestyle photos of their day, perhaps their meal, or a family activity. That gives context and a lot more fascinating story to share with future generations.   Families can also schedule a Day in the Life Session with me for a true documentary experience. Learn more about Thanksgiving Documentary Family Photo Sessions here.

Interested in scheduling a large group family photo? Contact me.



Christmas Card Studio Sessions in Denver

two boys in silly hats
christmas card studio session girl in hat nd scarf

This year we are doing something new and exciting:  Christmas Card Studio Sessions in Denver!

These sessions are awesome winter-themed pictures on a white set with twinkle lights and a tinsel tree in the background.  Bring kids in their Christmas finery or your favorite fun hats and scarves.  These unique sessions are for your kids only (furry kids are welcome).

The session fee is $175 and includes three digital files that you can use to make your fabulous Christmas cards.  Upgrades will be available if you would like to purchase custom Christmas cards or additional files.

christmas card studio sessions two boys in fuzzy hats being silly
christmas card studio session man and his newfoundland dog
christmas theme teen boy holding a cat

If you only have furry (or feathery or scaly) children, you are welcome to do a photo with you and your pet! Children must be able to sit up on their own.

studio session boy wearing christmas crown and scarf

Please email me  to secure your time.

Want to see more photos from my Christmas set?  Check out my Facebook Page where I will be sharing more photos from my Christmas Card session styling.

Still want your family photos?  Please contact me directly to schedule a family photo session.



Senior Family Photos Park Hill

I had a really moving experience with a client this fall.  They are a family with three sons, one of whom is 17 and was headed to college out of state, and two much younger boys.  It was important to the parents to get senior family photos before their oldest flew the coop.  I think we all understand that once a kid leaves for college, family photos will be few and far between. I have a personal understanding of where this family was coming from - my own oldest son flew the coop over a year ago.  While you feel somewhat liberated by having one less person to feed or clean up after, the reality is that there is a hole in your home and it feels very strange when your child is absent.  With this personal knowledge and comprehension of what this family was going through, I felt like I knew the type of story I wanted to tell with their photos.  Of course we got the typical, and ordinary pretty Christmas card shot, but we also worked on showing their uniqueness as a family, and their beautiful relationships.

After starting our session with some traditional (by my standards) beautiful group photos, I then concentrated on trying to show the connections in the family.  I asked mom and dad to talk to their oldest son and tell him how much they love him, tell him how wonderful he is and what he means to their family.  I couldn't hear what was being said, but I could see the emotions on their faces.  And then it happened.  Mom cried.  Oopsies.  It was happy crying, sad looking-to-the-future-with-your-son-in-another-state crying, beautiful I love you so much crying.  But crying nonetheless.  Fortunately, the crying then led to everyone laughing and relaxing and remembering that this story is about so much more than what outfit someone was wearing or whether or not one of the boys felt like smiling for the camera.

Each person had their own story and their own journey that day.  I think we made some remarkable photos together.senior family photos park hill Three boys walking away down a lane older brother walking with two younger boys senior family photos park hill family photo with mom and oldest son crying father looks down at his family father and son connecting on the beach father and oldest son connect while younger sons run wild in the background senior-family-photos-park-hill-13 senior-family-photos-park-hill-15 senior boy looks on at his family in the distance mom and oldest son talking in the sun father and son talking senior-family-photos-park-hill-20 goofy unique family photo connection between the two youngest sons family photos denver beach family photos mom poses like Shiva with younger sons making arms behind her senior-family-photos-park-hill-26 senior-family-photos-park-hill-30 sexy husband and wife photo


Follow my example and schedule a family portrait session during your child's senior year.




Home Newborn Photos Denver

There is something special about in-home newborn photos.  The hospital photos, if that is where you choose to have your birth, are special because they are that moment when your life has changed, and when this baby looks most as he or she did in utero. But the in-home newborn photos capture more of what you and your child will really want to remember – what your home and your life was like in those first precious weeks and months. The new parents, outside the confines of hospital walls and the knowledge there is a nurse just feet away, show their newfound confidence in caring for their child and creating their own system and own way of childcare. Once home, parents become the experts on their child and lovingly adjust their lives around their new master (ha ha). Yet in all seriousness, once baby is home, so much of life is different, you suddenly have baby blankets and pacifiers and nursing pillows and bottles and swings and bouncers and and and and a whole universe of baby taking over the home. It’s fun to recognize the change and show your pride and commitment to a new way of life. I photographed this family in their home approximately a week after their son was born. Mom and dad had a chance to chill and relax into their roles as parents. They looked like absolute pros. It was also wonderful to see the Harry Potter themed room based on the books that both parents absolutely adore.

photo of harry potter themed newborn infant bedroom nursery
in home newborn photos denver
woman holds her tiny baby while he grasps toward her
color photo of mother and child connecting
woman kissing fingers of her infant baby
artistic photo of a mother nursing her child
parents holding their newborn in the nursery
in-home newborn photos denver mother holding infant
closeup photos of a newborn baby's face
perspective photo though the crib of a mother holding her newborn child
black and white photograph of mother connecting with her newborn
in-home newborn photos denver mother in her harry potter themed nursery
parents connecting with their newborn in home
new mother in a quiet moment in her home
funny portrait of parents and newborn under wall art that says "i solemly swear that I'm up to no good"
family with newborn and their dogs
newborn baby fingers and toes closeup photos
wall art from Harry Potter that says "I solemly swear that I'm up to no good"