52 Week Project - Weeks 1-3

I've joined a group of other child photographers around the world who are doing a 52 week project this year: an image each week based on a theme.  Honestly just about every week was a test for me.  Not because the theme was particularly difficult, but because I wanted to find a way to take myself somewhere new.  And also to make myself keep shooting, even when I wasn't particularly moved to do so.  Here are my first three images.  Because I have been sick since before Christmas,  I wound up shooting weeks one and two at the same time.  Ah well, story of my life. Week 1:  Gratitude.

52 Week Project - 1-52-Gratitude

Week 2:  Bokeh.  I was interested in playing with foreground bokeh and was using a piece of lexan and a spray bottle.  I find this shot very challenging visually.  It reminds me a bit of of the iconic rain scene from the old film In Cold Blood.  NOT that I am comparing myself to Conrad Hall!

52 Week Project - 2-52-Bokeh


Week 3:  Music.

52 Week Project - 3-52-Music


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