52 Week Project - Weeks 4-9

What I'm learning from my 52 week project:  it's possible to make a small project like taking one picture a week into something onerous.  I've learned that being constrained by a weekly theme can feel both liberating and restrictive.  I've learned that my eye, when left to itself, has a certain darkness, an uneasiness and shadows around the edges, even when I shoot with the utmost love and happiness.  I have learned that there is a takeaway from shooting something boring and mundane.  I have reminded myself how much I love my work and how easily I can get lost in taking a simple photo once a week. Week 4 | Cake  (in this case, out of desperation, a canned spotted dick, frosted)

52 week project - cake in black and white

Week 5 | Low light52 week project - week 5 low light hand grasping

Week 6 | Abandoned - I chose to use the "carefree" interpretation of abandon

52 week project - week 6 abandoned boy smiling looing up


Week 7 | Black and white52 week project - week 7 black and white boy in a suit

Week 8 | Same but different52 week project - week 8 peeps in black and white

Week 9 | Shapes52 week project - week 9 paper airplane in sky



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