Award Winning Family Photographer Denver

I made a joke recently that professional accolades are meaningless - until you win one. The National Association of Professional Child Photographers is one of the few professional organizations for people in my field of Family Photography.  I'm not sure why they call it "national association" as there are as many photographers from other countries as there are Americans in this organization.  The NAPCP has a bi-annual image competition and professional photographers from around the world participate. The photographers at the top of my profession are usually the winners.

So as you can imagine, it was an amazing honor and shock to discover that one of my images received an award last year and I didn't realize!  The NAPCP now recognizes me as an Award Winning Family Photographer and I am listed at the top of Colorado.   I'm tickled pink and had a very delayed celebration.  It is really a wonderful feeling to have your work recognized by your peers.  It's also difficult and painful when it isn't (like all the other times I have submitted images).  I was so very disappointed when this image didn't get recognition, especially because I thought it was a pretty amazing photograph.  I have no idea how I missed the award!  Enjoying it now!

award winning family photographer denver - photo of girl with two horses in snow with award scross