Denver Teen Spring Photos

Loved my spring photo session with Cara in Denver.  We found a random blooming tree and had a blast shooting there.  You don't need a big park or much of a location, this spot was actually pretty ugly, next to a street and retail building, there were broken pieces of concrete on the ground.  But this tree hadn't been pruned and the branches hung low and were covered in gorgeous pink cherry blossoms (don't send me hate mail if I've misidentified the variety of tree, I'm a photographer not a botanist - smiley face.)  One thing about most teen girls is that they don't ask too many questions.  Cara wasn't worried that the spot was potentially ugly, she just trusted my eye and went along for the ride. Teen girl with long red hair blowing in the wind holding a parasol with cherry blossoms in the spring.Close up of teen girl holding blue parasol under pink flowering tree.Black and white photo of girl under cherry blossomsTeen girl under cherry blossoms holding parasol.Teen girl looking into the distance holding parasol.