Denver Engagement Photos - Kate & Ed

What is more fun that shooting engagement photos with a sommelier?  Pretty much nothing.  Can you tell this couple is in love?  That they have fun together?  I asked them to kiss once for a shot and it wasn't difficult to get them to do it again (and again).  They seem to like each other.   Colt & Gray was kind enough to let us shoot in the restaurant (that's where K&E got engaged) and all the staff were very nice.  On our visit it was pouring rain and we wondered if we'd need an ark to get home.  I voted for a rose and Ed picked a bottle that was very delicious.  Then of course we had champagne (technically it was a cava - thanks Ed!)  After two bottles of wine and a shared risotto we were all having a pretty good time.  Kate has the most gorgeous dimples.  They're both wonderfully photogenic.  The "sister wife" would be me.  The big challenge was low light outside + wine.  Since I wasn't shooting with a tripod or monopod I had to try very hard not to laugh or jiggle while shooting in the dark.   I can conclude that two glasses of wine had only minimal effect on my stability.  The rest of the photos can be seen here.  Looking forward to the wedding!  

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