Hilltop Neighborhood Photography

I spent an afternoon looking at Hilltop through a photographer's eyes.  Hilltop and Crestmoor feel different than the surrounding areas.  The lots are larger, the Crestmoor area is mostly a mixture of mid-century architecture and modern construction on lots where the old house was removed.   Streets in the area are rarely straight through which means reduced speeds and kids playing in front yards or on the street.  We see huge old trees and a couple of lovely parks.  Further West, Hilltop is has more gothic style architecture, but the curved streets and lovely flowered parkways persist. The neighborhood has less embedded retail, more surrounded by pockets of cute places on Holly and 8th Avenue.  There is a welcoming feel to all the little retail areas, an old-timey feel, even in the newer spaces. Crestmoor neighborhood phto




20150529-DSC_7352Hilltop 20150529-DSC_7355Hilltop-Edit 20150529-DSC_7356Hilltop The Cheese Company on Holly Carson Elementary School Dining on Holly and Cedar View from Park Walking path to Cramner Park Cramner Park Hilltop old turdor home West Hilltop Neighborhood curved street Hill Middle School Snooze Restaurant Steck Elementary School 8th Avenue Sushi Restaurant 8th Avenue Ice Cream Shop Cloud Nine 8th Avenue Barber Shop Hilltop All V's Hilltop College Inn