Senior Boy Photography in Denver

I like to believe that one of the things that differentiates me from many of the other senior photographers in Denver, is that I am not focused mainly on photographing girls.  I think there is a perception that girls are the only ones who care about senior photos.   I say that's nonsense.  The senior photo experience is something that boys and girls both want, it's a time-honored tradition and a ritual of growing up.  And honestly, I've met just as many reluctant girls as boys.  Being a teenager is a self-conscious experience, and almost everyone goes through a period of feeling uncomfortable in the spotlight. As the mother of two boys myself, I'm naturally not a big fan of the idea that boys don't need or want senior photography.  I want photos of my sons just as much as any other parent wants photos of their daughters.  I want to honor this time of transition and moving into adulthood as much as other parents.  I want to hold onto my sons' youth and hang it on my walls just as much as any other parent.  With a sample size of one family (mine), I believe that other parents of boys feel much as we do.

Senior photography is a way of celebrating and marking the end of childhood.  We commemorate that transition with beautiful portraits before kids leave home for college or jobs or other adventures.  I always talk to kids about this and why it's so important to us parents.  I think it's special and important to kids, too.  Even kids who grew up in a household of annual family portraits, having all the attention on your for this special hour is a unique experience.  It's a time that we are honoring that kid in a very individualized event.

Regis High School Senior Photo in black and white
Boy senior photo
Black and white photo of senor boy
Senior Boy in blue shirt at City Park
Senior Boy Photography Denver
Handsome high school senior boy at City Park in Denver

Sharing here one of a pair of twin senior boys I photographed in Denver.  I'm separating their photos so each gets his own visual story.

Silly boy high school senior photo at City Park in Denver