The Howe Family Singers - Family Photos in Golden

Family photos in Golden, CO.  I love photographing the Howe family, not just because they have the cutest girls I've ever seen but because Nicole really knows how to style a photo shoot.  They're easy to shoot, cooperative, fun, and everyone always looks fantastic.  If you want an example of how to dress for family photos, look no further.  We decided to shoot early at Red Rocks.  We hadn't anticipated that even on a weekday the amphitheater would be brimming with people - working out.  We quickly decided to abandon the amphitheater and head into the rocks where we got some neat cave-like shots and then a very tiny "hike" along a trail.  The girls were a bit bored with all this but easily bribed into cooperation with some of my Melaleuca candy.  heh heh.  Of course then you get candy face photos.  Oh well, life of a photographer.  Big thanks for Nicole and Bryan for letting me play around with my new Lensbaby on their photos.  Got some great shots look like an early 70's folk album:  "The Howe Family Singers".  The rest of the images can be seen here. Family Photos in Golden - Howe Collage 1 Family Photos in Golden - Howe Collage 2 Family Photos in Golden - Howe Collage

Mountain Range Senior Photos - Ashley Zaeske

I love doing Mountain Range Senior Photos because all the kids I photograph from that school are THIS CUTE.    I'm friends with Ashley's mom, Pam, whom I've known since Ashley was a toddler.  I've always been a fan of all things leopard, platform heels, and fabulous clothes.  Ashley, much to Pam's dismay, is a total clothes horse and we've always gotten along famously.  I think Ashley has been planning her senior photos since 2011 when I took her brother's senior pictures.  Ashley brought so many adorable outfits for our shoot it was difficult to know when to quit.  We had a wonderful time shooting at the Botanic Gardens and she was such a good sport and fantastic model.  I love the candid shots of her, and everything in the beautiful glass summer house.  Hugs Ash, you are a beauty!  

Mountain Range Senior Photos AshleyZ collageMountain Range Senior Photos AshleyZ 4 upMountain Range Senior Photos Ashley Z Misc CollageMountain Range Senior Photos Ashley Z 6 up