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W. Wilson Artist Statement

My creative expression is about the process of exploring boundaries of traditional photography and seeking paths less taken. I wish to tumble around what is considered “acceptable” and “perfect” and look for a ways to navigate around, over or through those boundaries.  When something becomes the norm, how does one move beyond the norm to change the static, to ask new questions of the viewer, and express wonder and beauty without following the widely accepted rules of “typical” photography.  In the space of photographic norms, how can photographers find the new?  Is it process or product?  Shooting or editing?  What’s old is new again, what’s new feels old. What can be new?

As a photographer I have always looked for different ways to see the world.  I was taught we should seek shade for the most perfect images, so I sought harsh light.  Leading lines?  Nope.  Centering the subject in the obvious perfect arch, the matching colors, the things that have always struck me as the “obvious” answer, I reject. I seek to find a way to capture something special without falling immediately to the conspicuous.  Needless to say, this is not always successful, but I am constantly in pursuit of the less straightforward representation of whatever it is that I am producing or viewing. 


Denver editorial photographer - creating visual content for newspaper stories, magazines, and online media.