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Sibling Saturday - September 22, 2018 9AM-10AM

We are holding our second annual Sibling Saturday at the Denver Green School Farm.  Saturday morning you may bring your kids who attend different schools or bring your kids for a group portrait or even a family portrait with mom and dad.  Portraits times will be first come, first served.

INDIVIDUAL portrait packages

Individual student portraits are minimum order of $25


8X10 photo of siblings together is $15 with purchase of individual portrait.  

Sibling photo only (no individual portraits) - $25


Family photos may be taken, price is $50


  • Family photos are quick, one location.  If you wish for a full portrait session, please see information below.

  • Photographer is not responsible for glare in eyeglasses or eyes hidden due to transitions lenses. 

  • We do not have an accomodation for infants. Individual photos of infants will be laying down on a blanket or held by a parent or sibling.


What to wear for group photos

  • Think coordinating not matching.

  • Avoid all white or dayglow shirts, big words or logos, sweatshirts or hoodies.

  • If you wear prescription eyewear, please make sure to wear glasses that are glare resistant and not transitions lenses. We will be shooting photos outdoors and transitions lenses will not show eyes. Photographer is not responsible for eyewear glare.

  • Solid colors and layers are better than busy prints for group photos.

  • Wear some color!

  • Bring a hairbrush just in case.

  • If you bring a young child, bring a favorite toy or treat to use as a bribe if necessary.

full family portrait sessions

Interested in a full family portrait session?  Our sessions are approximately 60 minutes.  Session fee is $750 and includes 15 fully retouched digital files. Click below to check out our family portrait gallery or contact me for more information.




My name is Willy Wilson, I am a fine art photographer.  I am a mom with high school kids and I have spent more than 10 years on the PTA (ask me about fundraising!)   Capturing your family in photos is something my own family rarely did and I think that makes it that much more valuable to me as an adult.  I hope you choose to document your family before the kids are grown!