A Day in the Life of a Home-based business

A day with Kim Baum - Part 2

Kim runs two businesses:  DeAngelo Ground Maintenance in Arvada and she is also a Melaleuca advocate from her home in Elizabeth.  You can see from A Day in the Life on a Ranch, Kim's a busy woman who is managing a ranch, two businesses, taking care of her young teen son, and caring for her 85 your old mother full time.  Kim attends meetings, goes to doctor's appointments, joins conference calls, manages the books for her husband's carpentry business, and takes care of her horses.  She has  a young protogee, Beth, who is learning roping from Kim, joins them for Sunday roping and dinner, and is also learning the Melaeuca business.  Kim couldn't be a better mentor and friend.

Two women mirroring each other while looking at their phones Two women by a roping dummy, one is in the middle of a toss Woman roping a dummy steer

In this series, Kim is preparing for her "bucket challenge" where she offered a month's supply of Melaleuca cleaning supplies for free to anyone willing to trade in their toxic cleaners for the all natural cleaners from Melaleuca for a month.  Kim and Beth participated in an hour long team conference call where they talk about sales motivation and strategy, and then she went to the school to offer cleaning products to some of the teachers to use in their classrooms.  As a shameless plug for Kim, if you are interested in trying the bucket challenge, you can contact Kim at thebaum16@yahoo.com or 303-810-2287

Two women at opposite sides of a home office. Above shot of two women working side by side at a table doing paperwork. Two women side by side on cellphones at a table. Woman doing paperwork next to an open laptop. Two women filling plastic bottles in a kitchen. Woman holding a cell phone in front of her with a disgusted look on her face. Artistic angle of clear plastic bottles and woman grabbing them. Stovetop covered with empty plstic bottles while two women prepare to fill them. Two women filling bottles. Women loading boxes on the floor.

Woman on the phone while holding a pile of laundry. Woman in a classroom  holding samples. Woman waits in a hallway.

Willy is a documentary photographer in Denver, CO.  Check out more Day in the Life Photography sessions.