A Day in the Life on a Ranch

A day in the life on a ranch - Part I Life in Elizabeth, CO can be hectic.  Living on a ranch means you take care of a lot of stuff yourself.  It also means you are pretty far away from schools, hospitals, grocery stores, coffee shops, etc.  For Kim Baum, the complexity of her life is exacerbated by the fact that she also runs a business on the opposite side of the metro area and cares for her 85 year old mother who lives on the same property but in a different house.

Woman in cute cowboy hat looking in mirror

The Baum's live on the Silver Buckle Ranch where they board horses and cattle for roping.  They have an arena where they host cattle roping practice and competitions every weekend for fun.   Kim is a multiple rodeo champion and went to college on rodeo scholarship, and she's a Western gal with the ability to teach others to be winners.  She, her husband Tim, and their son Shane all rodeo and their youngest son, Dalton, is just getting into roping.  Kim has so many rodeo prize saddles they had to build a special shed to store them all.  She also had an incredible number of rodeo buckles.Hands in a drawer full of rodeo buckles. A bunch of rodeo buckles on display over a western style beadspread. Woman at a gate with a couple horses wanting her attention. Woman in a pasture surrounded by horses wanting treats. Woman with uncooperative horse on a lead. Woman leads a horse behind her.

As a city girl, I know exactly zilch about rodeo and roping.  I found out that you practice roping on a roping dummy.  Kim calls her's Buford.  I found out that the rope is made out of fairly stiff plastic.  I learned about team roping where one person ropes the head and the other person ropes the feet and you have literally a few seconds to accomplish this feat or forget about winning competitions.  Kim and Tim have won a LOT of competitions together.

Woman galloping inside arena. Woman with horse inside arena going through paces. Western woman shows perfect form roping a dummy steer. Woman roping a dummy steer. Roping a dummy steer More about Kim and her family at the Silver Buckle Ranch in the coming weeks.

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