My Photo Editing Soundtrack

I have to listen to music when I am editing photos.  I need something to separate me from distractions; music helps center me and even helps with pacing my workload.  My photo editing soundtrack typically involves a Pandora station that suits the type of shoot I am editing.  After I pick the music, I set a timer for an hour (which is about how long I can edit without a break) and turn up the volume. Since all the music I listen to while editing is protected under copyright law, I'm not able to show a video with examples.  However, it's kind of fun to open one of the music clips and look at the photos.  Well...I think it's fun.

When I edit, I try to think of what kind of feelings I want for the shoot and play music that helps get me there. For example, when I am editing high school seniors I often listen to Alex Clare Radio. I like both the energy and drama of the music which feels like high school kids to me.  I listen to songs from Alex Clare (obviously), AWOLNATION, Florence and the Machine, and even some dubstep.

Black and white of teen girl running down the street looking over her shoulder laughing. Black and white of teen boy against window reflecting the clouds.

For me, the music selection when editing isn’t about what the people themselves listen to, it’s what helps me be in the right frame of mind for editing their shoot. If I’m editing a high-energy session, I don’t want to be listening to yoga music.

One of my more literal musical choices recently is listening to The Album Leaf’s A Day in the Life when I edit Day in the Life sessions. I love the spirit and atmosphere (if you can apply that term to music) of that song and the other music I get from Pandora in that vein.

Girl seen outside dancing through the front door. Natural looking photo of boy in car putting on his seatbelt. Black and white photo of famlly in their car through the front window. From the backseat, mom, dad, and small dog. Famlly dog in outside car window with wind blowing in his hair.

Lately, I’ve been editing some commercial work- lifestyle photography for a real estate company and I found Lunz Radio to really works for me. No particular message, just nice neutral background music.

Stapleton downtown photo. Stapleton Bluff Lake view of mountains.

For editing my own family, we are pretty eclectic. I like to listen to the Queens of the Stone Age, Detroit CobrasBig Star, and the Dirtbombs to edit my clan. My sons are both guitar players and write most of their own music.  I feel like the decade doesn’t matter much as long as it has guitars.

Boy eating steaming noodles. Man in the kitchen reading something on his ipad.Self portrait of woman and camera in mirror. Documentary photo of young man eating and watching TV

Finally, when I edit my own work for my website, I almost always listen to the Kinks.  (Isn't it funny how we often wind up adopting the music of our parents' generation?)  The song Victoria "sounds" like my photos.  I love the lyrics of People Take Pictures of Each Other and Picture Book. Wouldn't it be cool to license the Kinks for one's little photography business?

Mom blowing on girl's cheek while son blow's on mom's.Family on the beach in silhouette.Tatooed dad handing baby to beautiful mom Man in woods holding son and looking away from camera.Touching photo of woman huggin and older woman.

What is your family or business theme song?

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